Management Team

Michael Drapkin, Managing Principal

Michael DrapkinMichael is the founder of XB5 and an advisory management consultant in Regulatory and Compliance/Anti Money Laundering project management for financial services firms. He combines extensive experience in strategy, technology and project management as well as ISO 31000 and ITIL principles. A creative achiever, strategist and problem solver, Michael has successfully run projects ranging from AML and risk management to technology implementation. He has worked in financial services, telecom, new media, and with over 30 startup firms to the Fortune 500. Michael was the Chair of Ecommerce Management at Columbia University, and has two patents – in the retail and risk management areas. He has published 12 books and numerous articles, speaking engagements and keynotes; featured on CNBC (on camera), CNET (webcast), CRN News Radio (webcast), Akamai(webcast), CBS Marketwatch (radio), and interviewed and written for the New York Times. He is trained in both ITIL and ISO 31000 principles.

• MoneyGram International – key role in Actimize implementation for Anti-Money Laundering – as Project Manager and Solution Manager for Suspicious Activity Monitoring/AML
• State Street Bank – performed OFAC Process Inventories/AML for AIS North America, Caymans and Dublin, for their Hedge, Private Equity Real Estate, Offshore and Shared Services units.
• TechPar Group – led a business startup providing publicly available institutional client onboarding information for financial institutions for AML, KYC and CTF regulatory requirements.
• Lehman Brothers – built and ran their firm-wide decision support system providing regulatory information and data warehouse/datamart information to all levels of the firm.
• Citigroup – managed requirements gathering and BRD development for their Broadridge middle office migration of the former Smith Barney, including editing and reviewing AML and KYC requirements; regularly advised the project managing director on project strategy.

Peter Gormley, Chief Compliance Officer

Peter GormleyPeter is a US trained and qualified compliance attorney with over 30 years experience in business, government and financial services. Peter started his legal career at the Library of Congress, in Washington DC, worked in government service with the US Peace Corps in South America and served for 5 years as staff attorney and branch chief with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. He has also held compliance officer and senior legal department positions at Morgan Stanley, Salomon Brothers and Credit Suisse. Peter attended the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, USA, and received Juris Doctor and MBA degrees from The George Washington University in Washington DC. Peter also worked in Switzerland as General Counsel and a member of the Board of Thomson Reuters Global Resources.

Suzy Drapkin, Chief Operating Officer

Suzy Drapkin Suzy Drapkin is an accomplished operations expert, and has run operations at six firms. She is a specialist in strategic planning, operations, and corporate finance and is involved in overall recruitment of personnel including liaison with partner recruiting firms, reviewing resumes and conducting pre-screening interviews. Suzy has significant experience in career management services and coaching including the administration of a wide inventory of career assessments for career planning, leadership development, team building, personal growth and communication enhancement.

Jeffrey Fry, Chief Marketing Officer

Jeffrey Fry Jeffrey Fry is a highly successful serial entrepreneur and guerilla marketeer. He is a start up, business growth, operations, strategist, brand driver and sales & marketing guru with over 25 years of helping build highly profitable and mastered operations, technical sales, marketing, strategic planning, and business development. Jeffrey builds profit, product differentiation, sales/marketing teams and leadership. He is responsible for coining the phrases: hard-wired DSP, PRISM Chip Set, Return-on-effort (ROE), and “selling to your customer’s customers.” He specializes in marketing, executive management, TQM, brand management, retail, B2B, B2C, social networking, on line business, contract negotiations, and team building.

Mark Abramson, Chief Technology Officer

Mark Abramson Mark Abramson is an expert in cybercrime and litigation support technology and methodologies. He has worked with numerous clients among the Fortune 500 and ALMLaw 100 lists. He has worked in industries including healthcare, technology, pharmaceutical, insurance, banking, telecommunications and oil and gas. He architected and built a software platform that allows for fast and inexpensive indexing, retrieval, conversion, metadata extraction and deletion of large data sets regardless of file format, as well as an array of computing systems and data mining solutions for several Fortune 500 companies. He specializes in Internet security and cybercrime investigations, computer forensics, vulnerability assessments, website inspections and audits, and asset assurance using RFID and surveillance techniques.