Our famous one hour eLearning course on enterprise risk management using COSO and ISO 31000 principles. Free. If you elect to take our test at the end (and pass), we'll certify you in Risk Management Principles from the XB5 Institute, and generate a certificate for you.
XB5 offers custom charts, heat maps and executive dashboards to allow you to pinpoint monitor your AML & Regulatory and Compliance Operations in real time, rather than make you leaf through pages of mind-numbing reports.
Using our deep bench of resources, we can provide Regulatory and Compliance AML/KYC/BSA technology and operations experts to meet your risk management needs for projects of any size, any duration and any location worldwide.
XB5 has the patent on calculating and ranking risk metrics using an unlimited number of criteria. This may be applied to any industry and any number of metrics. This has been garnering a lot of attention in the press.